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Chairman and President's Message

Ever since it was established in 1953, Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited has operated with the corporate philosophy, "Explore, Create, and Practice" and in the process, it cultivated a high level of technological expertise.
JAE's diverse products include electronic devices from connectors to aerospace electronic equipment, optics-related products, and various other types of machinery and equipment to meet the customers' needs. We have always been at the leading edge of technology. We are highly ranked in a number of fields because of our expertise in integrated electronic technology accumulated over the years and because of our product development. We were able to achieve this because of our customers' understanding and support in the past. We are deeply grateful.
We renew our commitment to continuously extend our efforts to insure your satisfaction with our products in the future.
As expressed in our global slogan, "Technology to Inspire Innovation", we are committed to give our priority to the needs of society with a long-range perspective. We are committed to demonstrate our social awareness and flexibility by taking part in the advancement of humanity and society. Most of all, we are committed to our customers who bestowed their trust on us to continue our efforts in advanced research to meet their needs.
Please watch us as we revitalize our organization to reach new heights of commitment and to stride into the twenty-first century.
Top Message
Yasutaka Akiyama
Tsutomu Onohara

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